Nth Yoga

At Nth Yoga we have taken a unique approach to the design of our studio space, having created a family home feel in a warehouse location.

A place where one can take time to learn more about themselves physically, mentally and spiritually in a community styled setting. No judgment, just guidance. No intimidation, just reassurance.

No pressure, only learning to let go

This is our unique take on a Namaste community in the heart of Fitzroy.

Our Style

Our aim is to keep the balance between the authenticity of Classical Hatha Yoga while also offering a slow flow which resonates highly with us. We believe that combining both styles in your practice gives you complete balance.

Our classes focus on an exploration of basic/intermediate asanas and how to connect them through attention to breath, alignment and mindfulness. The postures flow at a slow pace which ensures that you get ample opportunity to immerse yourself into each posture. The art of slow flow encourages you to become conscious with your movements and breath which in turns connects you to your body on a much deeper level.

Here at Nth, we offer quite a few styles of yoga. We want you to have the opportunity to experience all styles and decide for yourself which one connects with you.

Who We Are

Sean Thompson
Hatha Teacher, Vinyasa, Yin, Yoga Therapy

Working as a carpenter eventually took it’s toll on Sean’s physical body. Sean turned to yoga to help

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slow the degeneration, counterbalance the demanding day and to calm the mind.

Yoga is union and connection, not just to the physical, mind or breath but also to the earth and spirit. Yoga gives us the tools to keep building these connections and in turn to enjoy life. You don’t need to be flexible to do yoga, in reality the aim is on the process to reach the posture physically, mentally and spiritually. Classes focus on strengthening and lengthening poses, moving with the breath and building heat strength with a strong emphasis on alignment.

Observing positive changes to the body, observing positive changes to the mind, having the patience to know where you’re at and where you want to be, and knowing you’ll get there in your own time is key to yoga practice.

Jemma 1Jemma Masters
Senior Teacher specialising in Vedic Philosphy

Jemma is a yoga teacher who incorporates beautiful Vedic philosophy and stories
into her flowing yoga class.

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India is her second home, and it is here that she first studied yoga and Sanskrit. She then went on to complete a Bachelor of Sanskrit at La Trobe University with a focus on translating the enchanting stories of the Srimad Bhagavatam and other key yoga texts. It is from this platform that she teaches, seeing all the branches of the yoga system as feeding into a central understanding. Jemma has no problem with the lycra-clad yoga fad, but personally she wishes to take her students beyond this superficial beginning and help them to situate themselves in an eternal spiritual practice.


About Annabel Sharp
Hatha Teacher

Annabel has developed a deep connection with yoga since she began practising in 2008. A connection which took her on a journey to Maharashtra India, where she

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completed her teacher training in the Satyanda tradition of Hatha yoga at Yoga Vidya Gurukul. Yoga has been an instrumental tool in helping Annabel find solace in a busy modern lifestyle, allowing her the space to find moments of stillness, bliss and clarity. With a deep belief in the intrinsic link between the mind, body and soul, Annabel takes a holistic approach to her classes, aiming to help her students find their own inner balance. Her classes are based on the traditional roots of yoga, with a contemporary flare.


About Evelyn Stavrinidis
Power Vinyasa, Hatha, Tantra, Yin & Yoga Nidra

Yoga challenges and creates. For Evelyn yoga offers equilibrium and steadiness and a space where change and growth can develop organically. Evelyn shares yoga

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because she feels a genuine accountability to support people in their quest to sustain a healthy, balanced and creative life; to find their individuality within a crowd, stand strong, develop trust and simply flow with the rhythm.



Anna Dunn
Vinyasa Teacher

Anna’s journey to yoga began in dance class at 5 years of age. Fifteen years later, after making the difficult decision not to pursue dance professionally and

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embarking on a trip to India, Anna decided to combine her love of Eastern philosophy with her desire to express herself through the enjoyment of simply feeling the power and subtlety of the human body. Anna studied Australian Yoga Academy’s 500hr Advanced Diploma of Yoga Instructing and has a degree majoring in philosophy. In 2015 she spent two and a half months working as a yoga hiking guide in Yosemite National Park, California with the not-for-profit organisation Balanced Rock. Anna’s fundamental goal in teaching is to bring her students into a state of Sthiram Sukham Asanam – a delicate balance of effort and ease where the student is truly present and alive. She aims to use philosophy as a weapon of stealth to promote a light-hearted and positive approach life.





nishaNishadee Liyanage
Hatha Teacher

Ten years of yoga practice has taken Nisha from the mere stretching of her body to the expansion of her mind. Travelling around the world and learning from

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teachers who made her heart sing, she is inspired to combine elements of cranio-sacral therapy, Hridaya meditation and Thai yoga massage into her dynamic hatha and vinyasa classes. Her personal goal is to remove the barriers from expression of one’s true self, and for her yoga is about holding space for vulnerability, creating balance, connecting with one’s core and rejoicing in the dance of life.


stephyAbout Stephanie Kitingan
Vinyasa Teacher

Growing up on the island of North Borneo, Stephanie has enriched her life with experiences that stimulate ones being in the world. The journey of Yoga started

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for her back in 2009, and the transformation and growth that followed lead her practice to more deeper and holistic connections, influencing every aspect of her life. Hoping to impart this ability to transform mind and body through yoga, she started teaching Vinyasa and Hatha classes at an MMA gym in Camberwell. Her journey has now brought her to North Yoga, a place where she can impart what she has learnt and experienced to others whilst being a catalyst for personal change.




Sean Lont
Ashtanga Teacher

Yoga is a way to Unity for Sean. – Unity of mind, body & spirit. He came to the practice after a long hiatus from competitive sport and as a means to calming

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an ever-distracted mind. His practice is now a continual exploration into balancing the three key essences of being – the Body, the Mind and the Breath (spirit).
Sean believes Yoga to be for everybody no matter what style you choose. Having practiced across the Hatha, Ashtanga and Powerflow styles over the last 5 years has cultivated in him a strong body / alignment awareness and deep respect for the learning and benefits to come from a committed meditation and Pranayama practice.

lucienneLilian Steiner

Lilian Steiner is a professional dancer and choreographer based in Melbourne, working on both independent and company projects.

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Through dance, she fell into a deep relationship with Yoga, and each day she finds herself falling deeper and deeper. After practicing for over 5 years, Lilian’s love for Yoga has led her to become an impassioned teacher. Her classes are strongly informed by her dance practice, bringing in a particular FLUIDITY and CONSCIOUSNESS to movement within Vinyasa practice. From her avid interest in anatomy, Lilian teaches to practice knowledgeably focusing on alignment and safe practice. While working with this thoughtful approach, she also encourages her students to allow the joy of movement, accessing meditation within and through motion. Each of her classes balance physical power with restoration, and are led by the 8 limbs of Yoga for a philosophically informed and holistic approach to the practice of yoga. Dance has taught Lilian something special: That the body (physical and beyond) is incredibly able, and that we must appreciate its innate desire to be POWERFUL IN ACTION, whether powerfully delicate and precise, or rigorously wild in abandon. She believes that both delicacy and abandon can be experienced within Yoga practice (in body, mind and spirit) and that we should work to deeply understand the full spectrum of experience, learning to apply this knowledge both on the mat and into daily life. Lilian studied her Vinyasa 200hr RYTT with Ambika Chadwick at The Yoga Social, and continues to absorb the incredibly beautiful multidimensional practice that is Yoga through formal training, the knowledge and experience of her students and her own dedicated practice.






Ben Irvine
Meditation, Yin Teacher

Yoga Alliance registered teacher (RYT200) and Lifeflow Meditation certified teacher I began practicing yoga over a decade ago, before

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I found my passion for meditation. Combining my yoga with meditation iv found very beneficial. Meditation has helped me to clear out a lot of unconscious emotional blockages and I now find it much easier to clear my mind.After this transition I now feel drawn into the poses and flowing movements rather than having to push myself. Rather than using will-power to stay focused I now find my breath flowing with the movements simply because it feels amazing. Your body can work very hard without any mental effort and it’s very addictive! Yoga also has amazing flow-on effects into life – clarity, strength, contentment, inner peace, etc.
Yin, which consists of deep stretching asanas (poses) that rejuvenate and strengthen connective tissues. Yin is a perfect balance for my driven lifestyle. Like most people I go through cycles of high and low energy. But even in low energy moods I still find it very easy to sink into my mat for some deeply nourishing stretches.




Class levels

LEVEL 1 CLASSES – Suitable for beginners, no experience necessary

ALL LEVEL CLASSES – Suitable for all levels, with a general understanding of yoga Asana (poses).

Slow Flow

The art of slow flow encourages you to become conscious with your movements and breathe which in turns connects you to your body on a much deeper level. This class includes both movement for awareness in some traditional postures and stillness to allow you to sink deeper into others. Consciously transitioning from posture to posture, the slower the transition the more aware you become of coordinating your breath with your movement.


A flowing, dynamic form of yoga connected to breath or pranayama. Faster paced than our Slow Flow or Classical where you connect your breath with movement, transitioning through chaturunga to keep heat flowing through the body. Abdominal work, balance and lengthening and strengthening the upper and lower body will be focused on to build up a strong foundation for your practice whilst having fun.


This 75 minute restorative class is designed to unwind the nervous system, leaving you in a numinous space. You will be guided through a gentle yin flow to stretch the body and work into the connective tissue cultivating a sense of patience, and a willingness to savour the moment at hand. Great class for people who want to take some time to culminate steadiness and balance in life or simply just de-stress.


whole_studio1 New to North, 7 Day Unlimited – $30

Casual Classes – $17
Community – $5

New to Nth – $30 for 7 days (Unlimited)
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New to Nth – $100 for 1 Month
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General 10 session pass $140
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Monthly unlimited $130
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Massage / REIKI


A rhythmic, flowing massage that helps reduce stress, warm the muscle and calm the parasympathetic nervous system, inviting the body to relax and heal

Pricing Options

1 Hour – $85
Half hour – $60

Introductory 1 Hour Massage – $65

Promo code: intromassage
(Initial visit only)

Deep Tissue Massage

A more targeted massage tailored to the individuals needs. It works on both superficial and deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue to help reduce aches and pains, contracted muscles, stiffness and limited movement.

Pricing Options

1 Hour – $85
Half hour – $60

Introductory 1 Hour Massage – $65

Promo code: intromassage
(Initial visit only)


Enjoy a 90 minute massage with the additional benefits of reiki.

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by “laying on hands” and is based on the idea that an unseen “life force energy” flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. If one’s “life force energy” is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress, and if it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy.

Pricing Options

1.5 hours – $115 Starting Offer

Introductory 1 Hour Massage – $95

Promo code: introreiki
(Initial visit only)


Annabel MassageAnnabel Sharp

Annabel is a passionate and professional Massage Therapist. Her strong, rhythmic, flowing style, helps to warm the muscles and break down

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adhesions, while calming the parasympathetic nervous system; inviting the body to relax and heal.

Annabel believes that all bodies are inherently individual and unique. As a Massage Therapist, this requires her to recognise her client’s individual requirements and tailor their treatment plan accordingly. Through her caring and sensitive approach, she encourages her clients to feel a sense of nurturing and self-acceptance.


Certificate IV in Massage Therapy, Southern School of Natural Therapies, Fitzroy, Melbourne

Swedish Massage Certificate, and Anatomy and Physiology, Nature Care Collage, St Leonards, Sydney


Catherine Keely
Catherine offers a unique massage treatment using aromatherapy oils and energy healing techniques, including reiki, chakra clearing, meridian points and crystals within the massage for a deeply relaxing experience on the physical, emotional and spiritual dimensions.

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Catherine is deeply passionate about transformation and exploring human potential. Her vision is to support others to come into alignment and live as a true expression of their soul and to fall in love with life.
Catherine believes that the human body and mind is capable of grand transformations allowing our spirit to shine through to create a life of health, happiness and abundance on all levels.

Courses / Workshops



Yin Retreat Teya Clean


Private Yoga

pebsYour Visit

We recommend not eating 1 1/2 hour before your yoga session

Bring your own yoga mat. We can provide a mat but believe that having your own is much better in terms of hygiene.

Wear comfortable clothes that are breathable and bring some water to keep hydrated…

You are more than welcome to leave your mat at our studio, we will keep it safe and sound.

Our Chosen Charity

We will be holding one class a month and all profits will be going towards “Delta Therapy Dogs”.

We’ve chosen this charity because we believe that there is a special and indescribable kinship shared between dogs and people. This program is specifically designed to lift peoples spirits, especially the ones in need.  Delta Therapy Dogs organise volunteers to visit all sorts of people in need. Interaction with a furry friend reduces blood pressure, stimulate memory, improves self esteem and creates a calming effect on the body and mind.  We hope you appreciate this charity as much as we do. If you’re free and in need of some yoga, come down to our charity class and donate a gold coin.

Studio Hire

Beautiful, artistic Fitzroy space for hire from 1 to 7 hours. Total floor space 200m2. Room size 112m2. Communal area, change rooms and toilets 88m2.  Available for anyone with a creative mind but no space to do what they desire.   The Room is quite sound proof, boasting timber floor and 40 lights that you can dim as you wish.  The Communal area is a peaceful space with plenty of plant life, lots of seating, a long table, 2 toilets, change rooms, books and art.  Hiring time must include your set up and pack up time. Studio hire starts on the hour.

Pricing Options

Monday – Friday
1hr – $35

2hr – $65

3hr – $90

4hr – $110

5hr – $120

Saturday – Sunday
1hr – $40

2hr – $75

3hr – $105

4hr – $130

5hr – $150

6hr – $170

7hr – $180


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